Congratulations to UD's Delazure!

2008 WGI Semi-Finalists and
M.A.I.N. Independent-A Champions

Delazure is the official indoor winter guard of the University of Delaware Marching Band. The guard is open to all full—time University of Delaware students, as well as those who are enrolled full—time through the UD Arts Associates program and at Del Tech.

New for 2008: Delazure is now a class at UD! Students enroll during the spring semester for 0—1 credit. The course shows on their official transcript and the grade/credit counts in their overall grade point average. (Course number TBA) The course is an elective and does not fulfill any curriculum requirements but discussion is taking place with regard to it counting toward partial fulfillment of a music major’s music elective quota.

The 2008 program is titled "Ain’t No Sunshine."

The group in an Independent A Class ensemble. It competes regionally in the MAIN Indoor Circuit and nationally as a member of WGI.

Delazure’s home resides within the Roselle Center for the Arts on the University of Delaware campus. This $48M complex contains the Gore Recital Hall, Thompson Theater, and our home, the Puglisi Orchestra Hall. The hall was designed to be large enough for the entire 300+ member UD Marching Band to have an indoor music rehearsal on days of inclement weather. The floor itself is exactly that of a full—sized basketball court inclusive of the "out of bounds" perimeter.

Puglisi Hall also has a concert seating capacity of approximately 300-350 and is the performance venue for all of the Department of Music’s large ensemble concerts. In addition to the three performance venues there is a Studio Theater that is the exact same size as Thompson Theater. This allows the Theater Department to block two shows simultaneously!

The CFA also houses all of the UD Marching Band’s battery and front percussion storage needs, as well as a locker room for all the brass and woodwind instruments. The second floor contains 32 practice rooms, 2 small ensemble rehearsal rooms, 2 double piano studios, and electronic lab and a room designatd strictly for double reed making.